Winter Favorites

Hello friends! Brrr winter is on its full rights! With everything thats been happening around the world (snow in Florida?! OMG!!!) sounds like even there they need some winter essentials.


So, look i like winter, not as much as other seasons, but still do. Thing is that some times i need some favorites that will make me not just like it, but love it 😉

I’ve tried this couple of months LOreal’s Revitalift Laser Programme Set and i loved it. My winter skin never felt more hidrated, soft and lighted. If you are a combination to dry skin like me, you’ll need it too.

My favorite most worn make up cosmetics were LOreal’s Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara Black and LOreal Paris Superliner Le Khol and it came as a surprise for me. This mascara is just great, makes my lashes look unreal and the eyeliner is the best, stays on place even after a foggy or rainy day.

As for fragrances, i felt in love all over again with Davidoff Cool Water and Emporio She. Maybe some of you go with sweeter fragrances for winter but i can say for sure fresher fragrances are a must near all the gingerbread sweet tea and wintery pumpkin pie 🙂

So dears i linked below my favorites winter products. You can save 30% off for LOreal products now on, so don’t miss it.










Ultimate summer skin care before and after sun!

Hello summer! Its true some of us only get few months of summer over the year and sometimes we even wanna pack some of the sun for winter, but that doesn’t mean dry or burned skin, that over time will mean damage skin.

So dears today we are planning our vacation and my mind already travels to palms and blue sea.


Even so i must say that i’m always ready for sun. Even in winter time, i use my Clarins moisturizer with a broad spectrum SPF of 15 or higher to reduce the risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging caused by the sun. I love this formula because is multi-hidratant, leaving a very soft and matte finish, a must during hot summer days.

2017-07-08 09.47.50

What about UVA and UVB?

A long story short: the sunlight that reaches us has two types of rays: long wave ultraviolet A (UVA) and short wave ultraviolet B (UVB). The UVA rays, are the most harmful, that penetrate deep into the dermis, the skin’s thickest layer.

We may think its all marketing but unprotected exposure can cause premature skin aging and wrinkling and UVB rays, the chef cause of skin reddening and sunburn, wil burn the superficial layers of your skin, that can lead to a sensible immune system.

When in summer, me as MrUTer always use a very high protection moisturizer, like 50+ SPF with both UVA and UVB filters from Clarins, because we like researched products.

2017-07-08 09.27.38

For after sun all we need is a ultra-hydrating moisturizer, to revitalize and soften our skin, such as the after sun from Clarins that also prolongs a healthy tan.

Please let us know how you prepare for summer and what are your summer favorites when it comes to sun protection.


Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Her

Since the holiday season just ended, i thought that only we – the girls – always want to be one step forward when it comes to be on time with the right gift for Valentine’s Day.

But some of you – my male readers – told me, you don’t wanna get the half-right gift for your Valentine, since this special day is a really big deal for us girls and also we – the girls – will for sure get the great-right gift for you.

Well, finding the right gift for Valentine’s Day may be tough, but this year guys, no more chocolates, hearts and flowers! Enough with the cliche Valentine’s Day gifts ideas that you’ll get from the street and flower shops, now let’s make it count this year.

It’s true woman won’t say no to a gift, but the gift on such a day, must come with a meaning.

Behind every successful man there is a woman!

You know what they say: Behind every successful man there is a woman! If that’s your case, since we love perfumes why not make a state out of it. You will, for sure, do the right thing. So choose, depending on the time of the day you’ll offer your gift, a perfume Boss Jour or Nuit pour femme!

A Boss Jour pour femme – so this will be her day. It’s an elegant fragrance inspired by the first light of day.

Or a Boss Nuit pour femme – inspired by the Little Black Dress and what it stands for. Boss Nuit is a wonderful compliment to women, this ultimately feminine and sensual  fragrance is tempting and radiant, just like a glass of champagne.


Time is always important. Why not make a statement buying a watch? But not any watch, go for a Balmain!

Eria Lady Round from Balmain is a classic, so feminine and stylish, a diamond signature of strength and chic Parisian women whom we aspire to emulate. It’s a daily essential, that will make every hour be so full of meaning until the date with the loved one.


Last but not least, a piece of jewelry will always be a manifesto of love and appreciation.

A diamond is a stone that truly states – I love you – in the deepest way.

If is not the moment for a ring, a pair of diamond earrings and pendant will be just the perfect gift.

In fact, the diamond’s symbol of deep, everlasting love, makes it a forever jewelry from the fact that it’s the most resistant stone known on earth, a reflection of your love.


With that being said, i hope i opened the door to inspiration for you guys and i would love to hear what you have chosen for your Valentine.


The Perfect Gift For The Gentlemen Of Your Life!

Yes, is true! We love chocolates, hearts and everything related with romance, but men are way different. And please don’t say they are not, because they so are.

Valentine’s Day is coming and maybe is still early to buy a gift, but babes, we need time to choose the best one, right?

Try give your man flowers, a box of sweet little hearts of chocolates or a coffee mug with a love message on it. I know from a fact, that the gift you would wanna get on Valentine’s day, could be a little to much for your man.

So that being told, i have some gentlemen gift ideas i wanna share with you, that i got from my best men friends.

– See the joy on the man’s face –

I love to see joy and surprise on my man face and let’s face it between us, this is such a great gift for us sometimes.

First thing first, i must say men don’t get eye pads for sleeping, but they get sunglasses and you won’t be mistaken if you choose a classic, yet in trend Ray•Ban. Sunglasses are part of accessories which are never enough.

There are so many models out there, that i’m sure you’ll get the right one. I like the Ray•Ban – Justin model, especially the model below, because of the design, mix of colors, the matte feeling texture and i already picture with what outfit this sunglasses will work 😉


Then are the watches! Do you know any man without a watch? I truly haven’t met one yet, so you will never get wrong with a watch. But men are tricky here, they love classic, casual, sporty, stylish and definitely swiss, ALL IN ONE.

A man will want his watch to reinforce his masculinity and style.

Oh God that’s hard! OK, let’s not panic, because i got your back.

Doxa. I think this has it all. It’s a classic and swiss made since 1889, sporty and casual being  a Grancircuit – special edition with chronograph, designed for races and racing enthusiast alike, that has all the features that define a Doxa, the leather bracelet, white dial and crystal black sapphire that reinforces the pieces masculinity and style.


Every perfume is a signature!

And since we love perfume, well so does men, but they like what a perfume tells about them. It has to be a signature for a authentic, confident and true man.

I choose Sauvage from Dior. A powerfully fresh composition, with a name that speaks for it self. This is how Dior would describe it and the fragrance is amazing. It’s truly raw and noble all at once.


I hope you’ll like my gift ideas and i really want to hear yours because you are so inspiring for me too.


You Know Me And You Don’t – Nº5 L’eau Chanel

Nº5 L’eau Chanel.

The classic and emblematic perfume of Chanel has just been reinvented at Bratislava, a wonderful city, also undergoing reinvention. This is the 5th reinterpretation since the launch of it, 95 year ago, by Gabrielle Chanel in 1921.

Oliver Plodge, who became the Chanel perfumer in 2013, did the most complicated thing, he created another master piece, incorporating the alchemy behind the essence and traditionalism of this perfume, with freshness as leitmotif, just as his father, Jacques, did in 1986, when he created the Eau de Parfum.


Source: Chanel Official

I’ve never truly been a fan of N°5, even if it has been one of my moms favorite and from any parfume in this would, for sure, N°5 is the one i would know.

The new Nº5 L’eau Chanel is the freshest, dynamic, simple yet sophisticated, iconic perfume ever, attributes given by the exemplary composition of citrus aldehydes, may rose with its velvety touch (plantations that Chanel own in Grasse), green jasmine, ylang-ylang, cedar, santalwood, soft and cottony musk notes.


Source: Chanel Official

Chanel couldn’t have found a better figure in Lily Rose Deep, daughter of Johnny Deep and Vanessa Paradis, as the image of Nº5 L’eau Chanel, who represent the  essence of it.

Lily Rose is above all a young girl, waiting to be discovered as a woman. She’s an artist, strong and elegant, vulnerable and young, fresh and dynamic. The perfect combination captured in the hashtag of the publicity campaign #youknowmeandyoudont.


While being in Paris, i visited Sephora and there was a whole publicity about this perfume, that i just couldn’t pass it. I love when a perfume has a story, especially because while hearing it, i felt so conected to it. Then i tried it and it was amazing, my God, i thought, this is nothing like any N°5. I just wanted to have it.

As you must have seen on @theuptowners instagram, i purchased Nº5 L’eau Chanel perfume then, when i was in Paris with Mr UTer, from Sephora on Champ Elysee, as a declaration of what this is for me: a fresh and amazing year to come!

Please share with me your stories for the perfume you choose to wear for 2017.

You can buy Nº5 L’eau Chanel from here.


Winter Favorites! Eyes Essentials

Hello babes! I thought that being cold and snowy now its time to share with you my favorite winter eye essentials.

Since i’m every day with my eyes on my gadgets for keeping in touch with you guys, writing posts, working with fotos, cameras and take everyday a sip of all this freezing weather, my eyes tend to get most of the time sore, red, puffy and my fine lines tend to deeper. Hmmm not friendly of them to say, but i have the magic stick 😉

What am i talking about?! Its my Clinique All About Eyes Serum who never leaves my bag and whom would’ve thought that will be a life saver in this icy weather times that gives my eyes really hard times.


I’ve tried many different products for these types of issues and many times i haven’t seen any improvement. Deep in my mind i wasn’t sure anything will give the right help my eyes skin need until i found Clinique.

Clinique All About Eyes Serum really does what it says “Brightens eye area immediately and over time. Combats dark circles, too”. YES IT DOES! and not only that: it smooths the skin, refreshing it and even helping the fine lines disappear.

The skin around my eyes feels revitalized and it truly does the trick “Puffy eyes be gone!”

These eye essentials has potent antioxidants and soothing botanical, its oil-free and non-irritating which if you have difficulties with seasonal allergies, using this will calm your puffy and swollen eyes.


Over night i use Clinique All About Eyes gel-cream that takes away my eyes morning puffiness and gets my skin ready for make-up.

As for make-up my other winter favorite is Clinique High Impact™ Mascara. This is by far one of the best mascaras I have used!


It separates my lashes, adds volume and length of each and every lash. It doesn’t smudge or flake throughout the day, it is amazing.

Above all, these products are tested by Ophthalmologist, so your eyes won’t get itchy or crying.


Well there you have my winter favorites and i strongly recommend you give it a try!



Cold autumn morning

Good morning Sundays!


What’s not to love about Sundays, right? With all the morning chill which surrounded us lately, i think it’s time for some delights and pampering.

I love the smell and taste of fresh coffee in the morning, the fashion updates and a fancy rose on this cold weather, brought by my favorite Mr UTer. And since i love this kind of mornings i wanna share with you our Sunday morning pampering ritual, that makes our day more wonderful.

My morning ritual starts with Yogi Flow shower foam with its delicate scent of Indian Rose and the moisturizing Sweet Almond Oil, that make your skin so beautiful and allowing you to experience and enjoy the relaxation everyday.

Mr UTer pays great attention to its personal appearance, grooming with the energizing Samurai shower foam, that has a special ingredient blend of soothing Bamboo and Cedar Wood.

Also for this rituals to be complete we chose the most luxurious Bamboo Premium towels. You will never believe how it feels on the skin, so soft and delicate.