2018 Fall Fashion Trends From New York Fashion Week

Hello dears, this week so far was fabulous. Amazing shows and inspiring trends, these could be the words to explain New York Fashion Week. So what can i say … i hardly wait for Paris Fashion Week.

Now, we’ve picked some favorites from this week shows, that we hope will give some autumnal inspiration for your closet and outfits, so here we go.

Marc Jacobs

BalmainSaint Laurent


The game of colors is beautiful this year and Marc Jacobs captured perfectly this season magic. (Order of the photos: Marc Jacobs, Balmain, Saint Larent, Chanel | Source: vogue.com)



Men summer wear for cooler rainy days

Hello, hello! Is it summer or what?

Lately don’t know what to say about it. Here is hot, here is cooler rainy days. But thank God fashion is ready for any capricious weather.


While we talked about the latest trends for women fashion this summer, i thought the men will like some update too, and we ladies some inspiration when it comes to gifts or advices.


Source: gq-magazine.co.uk

As for women, colors remain the trend setter for men too, but not so bright, more pale and nude, with stripes or without.

So rainy days be gone, fashion has our back!


Men summer swimsuits and beach wear

Hello dears!

Summer’s here and so is beach time. What’s more to love in summer then beach and sea?

Since lately we went crazy with ladies swimwear, we thought its mens time. So guys here we picked some favorites from Kamata that we find so inspirational.


Source: vogue.com.uk

So what do you think guys? Are you ready for summer?


What swimsuit to wear this summer

Hello babes, how’s your summer so far? Mine is more tropical then ever. What’s wrong with this weather!? Here we have a super hot day that ends with thunder storms and heavy rain, so where do we live anymore? Continental or tropical?

So with this weather going on is hard not to think about Tulum or any other tropical place with palms, ocean, sand and swimsuits 🙂


Chanel – Source: Vogue.com

Yep, swimsuits! So since i am all so head over summer i wanted to share with you my favorite summer swimsuits so far, so here we go.


Tommy Hilfiger – Source: vogue.com


Michael Kors – Source: vogue.com


Alberta Ferretti – Source: vogue.com


Fenty x Pumma by Rihanna – Source: vogue.com


Jacqemus – Source: vogue.com

So babes, what’s your favorite? Mine for this summer is Jacqemus, nice Polka-dots, a retro but not dated fashion style and sexiness in Jacquemus’ La Bomba collection.


Sunny Disposition – Wear Your Summer Sun

Hello babes!

Felt so over the Spring lately, considering the weather changes, all the hotness and summer vibes.


And is not just here but all over the fashion. Yep summer is already showing face and fashion is keeping up with it!

So we choosed the most must-have color for this season, Summer Sun – Yellow and we are ready to share some inspiration with you.

What do you think? Is this your summer color too?





Source: Pinterest


Spring Fragrance With Guerlain

Hello dears,

Now we can say Spring is finaly here. Its been a while since we had such a beautiful weekend, warm and sunny. Don’t know how was your March until now but where we live it was so snowy, cold and dark.

So, this weekend i thought is time for a new spring scent for Mrs UpTer and i end up at Guerlain House in Paris.


Wow so nice set up in there, if you are in Paris just go visit. You don’t have to purchase anything, they are so nice and warm and you will feel great.

After i tried some of their fragrances i stoped at Aqua Allegoria Collection and i fell in love. So in love that i coundn’t just remain on one fragrance so i took 3. Yes tree!


These fragrances won’t be used just for spring as for summer too, because the scents already make me think about sea waves and summer oriental nights.


So babes, tell me, do you have any new fragrance fot this spring/ summer?



Shopping at Kate Spade New York



Hello babes! I am just back from a weekend shopping in New York on Madison Avenue with Kate Spade New York.

Wow! What an amazing shopping experience! I loved the place and the customer experience is great.

My New York followers and all of you babes in NYC right now, you must hit the Madison Avenue for this place, they have some amazing pieces. I totally fell inlove with the french bulldon face shoes 😉